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How do I choose the right size of bike for my child?

We use the combination of kids' height and inseam as it is more accurate than the traditional approach of using the standover and seat height range of the bike itself.

This size guide is accurate for SPAWN CYCLES bikes as our seat heights are lower than on other brands' so kids can move on to bigger wheels sooner.

Here are the things we take into account when making a sizing recommendation:

  • Inseam
  • Height
  • Ability and terrain (eg. kids size down for dirt jumping. Full Suspension bikes are bigger)

Measuring Inseam

  1. Have your child stand barefoot with their back against a wall, and hold a book between their legs so that it is firmly against their crotch and the wall (the same place their bicycle saddle will be).
  2. Measure the distance from the top of the book to the floor to get the correct inseam measurement
  3. If your kiddo is a pretty confident rider they can "move up" a little sooner than what's recommended. For example, Yama Jama 24" has the minimum recommended rider height of 48". Experienced riders can move up at around 47". 


Please see our SIZE GUIDE


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